Saturday, May 21, 2011

Jai X Dai a short story

STARRY STARRY KNIGHT <3 :=":" __________________________________________="__________________________________________" _______________________________________________="_______________________________________________" a-duh="a-duh" a="a" add="add" ai-pon..="ai-pon.." all..="all.." an="an" and="and" ano..="ano.." another="another" anymore="anymore" apartment="apartment" arms..="arms.." at="at" blushing..="blushing.." breakout="breakout" but="but" can="can" close..="close.." close="close" collar="collar" cute="cute" dai-pon="dai-pon" dai="dai" daisuki="daisuki" dakara="dakara" do..="do.." doki-doki="doki-doki" ears="ears" eh="eh" else="else" end="end" face="face" feeling="feeling" gahhhh="gahhhh" game="game" gave="gave" get="get" gom--="gom--" grabbed="grabbed" guess="guess" hard="hard" have="have" having="having" he="he" head="head" help="help" helping="helping" him="him" his.="his." his="his" hold="hold" holding="holding" hugged="hugged" huh="huh" i-="i-" i="i" in="in" is="is" it="it" jai-chan..="jai-chan.." jai-chan="jai-chan" jai="jai" just="just" kiss..="kiss.." like="like" m="m" me="me" my="my" nande="nande" ne="ne" night="night" not="not" on="on" ordinary="ordinary" problem..="problem.." problem="problem" really="really" s="s" said="said" shared="shared" shock="shock" smiled="smiled" so="so" solving="solving" soooo="soooo" sorry..="sorry.." study="study" subtract..="subtract.." suddenly="suddenly" sure="sure" t="t" that="that" the---="the---" the="the" they="they" this="this" time="time" to="to" too="too" voila="voila" warm="warm" was="was" what="what" while="while" whispered="whispered" you..="you.." you="you">:) haha. I'm not good in making this kind of stuff
but I tried.. so bear with me!! T^T its just that I feel
this muukyaaa!♪♫ feeling. haha

Friday, April 29, 2011

could this be falling in love desuka?

my heart is changing its tempo
you send it racing into a crescendo
then it's transcending into forte no! no! it's pianissimo

It felt like I'm the note
and you're my tune

then fate is the player that brought
us together in one harmony.

it started with A then it bounces to E
can you hear it?
it all says you belong with me..♪♫

as I gaze into your eyes..
I can see it..I can see it..
you're my angel in disguise.. (hahahahaha)

I don't know how to explain this feeling
`coz when you stare back at me
time stopped and we're dancing in one melody (pwehehehe *can't help meself*)

uh? so what is this then?
ahhhmm.. could this beee? Falling in love DESUKA?

(@^_^@) [pwahahaha *smile happeeeh? ]